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Už "iPad mini" 5 atveju klaviatūra Ultra Slim Stand Case For iPad 3 Oro 10.5 Pro 9.7 10.5 11 2020 mini 7.9 2019 Atveju Klaviatūros Klaviatūros

€24.08 €19.51
Yra sandėlyje

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  • Prašymas: Tabletės
    Pilno Dydžio klaviatūra: No
    Modelio Numeris: 09-CC
    Prekės Pavadinimas: Kemile
    Riešo Parama: No
    Tipas: Laidiniu
    Kalbos: lietuvių
    Klaviatūra Standard: 78 Klavišai
    Ašies Kūno Prekės: Raktas
    Veikimo Stilius: Capacitive
    Stilius: STANDARTAS
    Sąsajos Tipas: USB
    Pakuotė: No

  • Atsiliepimai (4)

    • Kathy Evangelista

      Order arrived in 13 days, in very good condition. Bubble packaging is perfect. The product is perfect. I recommend this product and this seller. Thanks again.

    • Sam Haley 90

      After I tried it but the packaging is sweet and tidy

    • Elenakuhn1

      It was practical in the photo, I wanted to think, I felt yaskravisha. Ale all one Garno. I translated everything. The claviatura is kind, letheri is, but from the signs are not called. I'll do it all the way in the morning. The one who knows the Berry hemorrhoids is the one who makes it. Z російською I'll spread everything super, Z англійською takozh. Call it, with this tablet is important. Yakshcho VI love Chitati books, then think of Chi You exactly requirement of the taka layout. Ale zagalom, I'm pre-war.

    • Flags 90

      Buyers French this keyboard is not worth anything, impossible to use the comma the seller support that this function I tried everything but impossible. Instead of a comma the keyboard puts a point "." I lost my money and the seller does not want to refund me. He asks me for evidence in video but does not give me his email ..... I will not pay a return that costs more than the keyboard p ** rri ...... Very big disappointment I do not advise you this product

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